Tegel is a district of the area Reinickendorf that is full of differences. In the north the Frohnauer villas, in East the skyscraper city Märkisches Viertel and South the green and water rich Tegel – with its 35 000 residents the 3rd biggest district in the area.

With the Tegeler See, the Tegeler Forst with the castle and the Jungfernheide, the district is a green oasis in the North-West of the German capital and it is therefore not only a sought-after excursion destination but it is also a magnet for people looking for apartments. In Tegel one profits from the advantages of the metropolis with its good infrastructure and short ways to schools, kindergartens and a variety of restaurants, small shops and shopping centers.

The district Tegel is mostly economically characterized by the servicing and processing industries. Tourism is also on one of the first places due to the green lake environment and the good infrastructure links into the city center or the surrounding region Brandenburg.

Between nature and lively shopping streets – Living in Tegel

All around the ancient town church, linden and chestnut trees in combination with lovely modernized old-buildings can be viewed. A few blocks away, at Tegeler Hafen, city villas and building complexes offer exclusive living ambience direct at water level. Loads of residents already live since years in the district but newcomer families and couples value the good infrastructure and the massive amount of green area. Short ways are guaranteed in Tegel, as in no other district distances between shopping street and strolls are that close-by.

The Greenwichpromenade at the 450 hectare big Tegeler See invites for strolling or alternatively to make a boat trip off the quayside. Extended wood walks can be done in the close-by Tegeler Forst, where the lido at Tegeler See is also located. It gets significantly livelier off the wood- and waterscapes all around Berliner Straße. Besides of the classy daily retailers, ice-cream parlors, cafés and a shopping center at Borsigturm – an impressive industrial building with a modernized brick facade – can be found here. Only a few meters away the newly designed Tegel-Center can be found in the middle of the Gorkistraße.

The connection of Tegel to the city could not be better. With the subway line 6 and the S-train line S25 Berlins city center can be reached in no time. The highway A111 and the federal highway B96 offer a nice connection to the Berliner Ring.

Tegel is on the uptrend

Due to the steadily increasing number of residents and the housing shortage, locations outside of Berlins center move into the focus of Berliners – so does Tegel. Average rent levels of 8.00 € or even more per square meter are demanded. The rent market is highly more favorable than in areas closer to the cities. All three areas recently saw a trend of rising rents all above the average rents of the district Reinickendorf.

If you’re interested in a condo as capital investment, then Tegel is surely worth a glance. We’re at your service and guide your through the process of purchasing a condo. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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